Seneca Tatera [Courtesy photo]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Seneca Tatera and eighth-grader Ryder Murdock.

Seneca is the daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth Tatera.

Seneca is always digging in and working on class assignments. She willingly explains how to do the work to others, asking for clarification when she is uncertain of her work. She certainly takes pride in her work, enjoys learning and is a positive role model to her peers. Seneca is also active in Quiz Bowl. She makes sure she is prepared in advance when she misses classes due to a tournament.

Seneca’s confident personality and kind manner make her a standout. She is caring and works well with everyone, making sure those around her are included in whatever group she is a part of. She exhibits a sense of value for everyone in the group. She is also lighthearted and her peers and teachers enjoy her sense of humor. Seneca is a joy in life.

Seneca moved to Moab from Alaska in sixth grade. She says her friends call her hair “noodle hair.” She likes to play volleyball, plays the guitar and likes to binge watch Netflix. Seneca has hunted and eaten moose.

Seneca’s advice for students is: “Having a positive attitude won’t solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people, to be worth it!”

Ryder is the son of Brian and Alina Murdock.

Ryder was chosen by his teachers because of the wonderful qualities he brings to school each day. This student stays engaged in his work. He seems to sink into his assignments and is not distracted by others. He is quiet yet enthusiastic. That rubs off on other students. He is not afraid to go out on a limb and say what he thinks.

He is a deep thinker, and that encourages him to go beyond just the facts, and search for more meaning in what he is learning. He does not rush through his work just to get it done. He takes his time and thoroughly completes his assignments. He is conscientious in all he does and he respects and is respected by all.

Ryder has three brothers. All their names begin with an “R.” He plays the tuba in the school band. His favorite color is blue. Ryder loves to visit the Olympic Coast. He likes hiking, skiing, river running, backpacking and playing basketball.

Ryder’s advice is: “Do not procrastinate your work!”