[Photo courtesy of Susie Johnston]


A group of 21 Moab residents recently built a home for a family of seven people in San Raymundo, Guatemala. From left to right: James Ritchey (seated), Mac McLean, Dwight Johnston, Susie Johnston, (standing far left) Kevin Park, Tiffany Moore, Kaylan Young, Michael Johnston, Gayle Weisbecker, Joshua Clements, Cody Johnston, Hunter Stitzer, Jacob Johnston, Lynda Diem, James (Jake) Burnett, Nick Hren, Deborah Hren, Steve Hren, Kahlan McElhaney, Mike Diem and Chris Hren.

The group left the airport in Las Vegas on March 23 and flew to Guatemala City. From there, they took a bus one hour into the mountains of Guatemala to San Raymundo, a town of about 30,000 people. Working through El Paso, Texas-based nonprofit Casas por Cristo, the group built the home for a family living in a cinder block house without doors and windows.

The new three-room house has glass windows and a door that locks. The group traveled back to Moab on March 31 in time to celebrate Easter with their families. The Community Church of Moab sponsored the trip.