Dear Editor:

We have lived on Park Lane for almost 20 years.

We love all of the activities that take place at the park. It is fun to watch all of the half-marathon runners pass by our house in March. We look forward to the Car Show, Arts Festival, the Gay Pride Festival and Farmers Market. Last year we enjoyed the new free concerts that were held the same night as the Farmers Market and are looking forward to the free concerts this year as well. Imagine being able to be part of all of this and being able to walk to the event. It is such a good time to socialize and relax with people you don’t see every day.

I agree wholeheartedly with Joe Kingsley. He believes that area residents who bought their properties in recent years should know full well that Swanny City Park has long been used as a place for community events: “That park is not their front yard.”

I think that respect is shown to the neighborhood by having the events end by 8 p.m. at the latest. It is not like there is a constant barrage of noise. Maybe the people who don’t like the events should plan on being out of town.

It is kind of like moving next to a school and then complaining about the traffic and the laughter, running and yelling of the kids instead of just enjoying life.

Let’s keep the activities at Swanny City Park and keep the area vibrant and alive!