Dear Editor:

We own Moab Gear Trader and contributed over $3,000 and dozens of hours volunteering our time to provide free, family-friendly live music to the local residents of this valley at both the Farmers Market and Moab Free Concert Series in 2017 that were located at Swanny City Park. We understand that all events have both benefits and downsides, so we wanted to share our motivation as to why we support these particular events so strongly despite some negative impacts. We see it as bonus and a benefit to residents to help counteract the downsides of living in a resort community. A special treat after a long day at work where you can relax on the cool grass, in the shade of great old trees and come together with all of the diverse members of our community in a safe, friendly, central space that is located within walking distance of a majority of residents of Moab. We did not directly choose the location of these events, as the Farmers Market has been at Swanny for all of the 15 years we have called Moab home; however, we feel that Swanny Park does make a good location for these events. Should our community decide that this space is not suitable as a venue for free live music for everyone, we hope an alternative location can be figured out so we can continue to provide a fun, positive, place filled with free live music, dancing, laughter, smiles, love, kids, grown-ups and happy memories.