[Courtesy photo]

Grand County Middle School students Ty Carter, Justin Hacker, Trenton Nelson, Jaden Mecham, Kyson O’Donnal and Draven Shaw dressed up for the school’s 13th Annual Reality Town on Friday, March 9.

The event featured more than 50 community volunteers helping seventh- and eighth-grade students make wise financial decisions.

Students were given make-believe family scenarios, and annual incomes from their jobs, with their wages based on their current academic GPA and their interests.

Students had to balance their needs and wants to “make ends meet” after paying for housing, transportation, food, clothing, insurance, taxes and day care. They could also choose to make investments and pay donations.

Many students found that they needed to take on a second job to make ends meet. They also learned that they had to make wise choices about the homes they chose to buy and the cars they chose to drive.

Each student was encouraged to dress for his or her job, and prizes were awarded for best costumes.