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Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Nate Torres and eighth-grader Brittany Lloyd.

Nate is the son of Chris and Cameo Torres. 

His teachers said the best example of why Nate is Student of the Month is because he is friendly, nice and polite to everyone.

“Recently, we had a discussion in class about the kind of people my students hoped to be by the time they graduate from high school,” one teacher said. “We talked about different character traits that we could focus on to become better people. I asked the class to think about students at GCMS that are nice to everyone and not just their group. We thought about how good it feels when someone that isn’t in our group still reaches out and is nice to us. A student in the class said, ‘like Nate,’ and I responded, ‘exactly, just like Nate.’ Everyone nodded in agreement.”

One of Nate’s New Year’s resolutions was to become less shy and focus on breaking out of his shell. “His other teachers and I think he has done an amazing job,” a teacher said. “You are someone even your teachers look up to, Nate.”

Nate likes to play volleyball and soccer. He also takes a karate class. He has a sister named Alana. His favorite books are Harry Potter books, and his favorite class is band, where he plays the flute. He used to play the violin.

Nate’s advice to others is, “Always be yourself, and don’t let anyone change that.”

Brittany is the daughter of Rick and Christy Lloyd.  

Her teachers said that she is a very responsible, motivated and confident student.  

“She comes to school every day with an expectation for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond at school,” they said. “She pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is not only accurate but also meticulously neat and of the utmost quality. She excels in all the subject areas and especially her writing skills. In addition to her academic excellence, Brittany is also a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. Her work ethic, focus and ability to listen allow her to succeed beyond expectations.”

Brittany’s favorite class is PE, and she loves to play basketball. Brittany is a member of the Student Council and Honor Society. Her favorite book is “The Outsiders.” She likes to explore and have fun. Brittany likes to watch “Comedier” on TV.

Brittany’s advice to others is, “Work hard and have loads of fun!”