Dear Editor:

It was delightful to read Steve Russell’s letter (“Too many people,” Feb. 8-14, 2018 Moab Sun News) highlighting the vastly ignored and disastrously looming environmental travesty of human overpopulation … from which we have no exit (except in the minds of the religiously paraplegic). Alan Weisman (who brought us the now legendary depiction of Gaviotas … the Colombian precursor to modern sustainable technology) in his work on overpopulation … (whose title, of course, I can’t remember).

I hate to eulogize the negative naysayers among us, and wouldn’t except that history shows overwhelmingly they are invariably right … just not particularly appealing or comfortable at the time.

Those of us long steeped in educational and sustainability incentives will usually concur… attempts to educate, warn or solicit appropriate actions from the general public are notoriously futile. Having spent the last half of a quite long adult lifetime attempting to do so … certainly I concur … listing a spare handful of victories.

Remediation of notoriously ignored environmental irresponsibilities such as a planet now struggling under 9 billion of us with a carrying capacity of 1.73 is no different.

Repair comes inevitably not from human intelligence or responsibility but from the inevitability of self-generated consequence.

I spend summers migrating the upcountry mountain communities of the Continental Divide networking the vast and rapidly expanding numbers of Electro Sensitives. One such is a prominent gallery owner in the Aspen area with a 30-something son who she warned against carrying his cell phone in his left pocket … which ended in testicular cancer and amputation three years ago. In a stroke of genius, he moved the not-so-smartphone to the right pocket. That one came off last year. He now carries the phone in his shirt over his heart.

Control of human overpopulation is already occurring through the brilliance of also human construct linking industry suppression of independent wireless radiation research, spin/junk science spew from the wireless industry (about a quarter of a billion dollars annually), the fact of cell phone stimulus addiction no longer not obvious to anyone, and consumer convenience greed.

The literary brilliance of “The Mustang Ranch” series points out that remediation of the 80 percent overpopulation problem is inevitable but takes the process a step further into Selective Population Reduction. Obvious to anyone.

So why worry … in a world now vying neck and neck homo sapiens removal invectives between wireless radiation die-off and chemtrail-generated global warming … the inevitable spin-off of covering the planet with an aluminum, barium, strontium and titanium insulating space space blanket and neglecting to turn off the sun.

Thirty percent of my domestic water in a year comes from a 15-year-old water catchment system, which for the past six has been so clouded with nanoparticles it’s undrinkable and I wonder about using it to launder clothes. I have a jar of the residue here on the desk for anyone who wants to run a heavy metal analysis and comment.

Obviously, we don’t need naysayers to fix our problems … our ignorance, procrastination and convenience consumerism will do the job just fine.

PS … thanks to Joe Kingsley for his fabulous rundown on the history of the Poplar Place building. It was indeed an icon in the music world in the 80s … Jimmy Ibbotson, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jim Ratts and Salli Severing (think I played there too) … one of a kind and so fitting of a legendary structure. Thankful for those like Joe still with us to link the upside of human endeavor together.

Michael Liss and his developer salivation Trumpism dementia attack on Kate Cannon … now that’s another story.