[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Elias Patterson and eighth-grader Abby Estenson.

Elias is the son of Jody and Jennifer Patterson.

His teachers said that Elias has a heart as big as his smile.

“He is kind and considerate to everyone,” they said. “He says ‘thank you’ to teachers as he leaves the class each day; has no missing assignments; and in every way exhibits courtesy and respect for self, people and property.”

The quality of his work reflects the high expectations he has set for himself and the magnitude of his participation and self-discipline in classes, his teachers said.

“He is honest with his fellow students and completes his own work with integrity and pride,” they said. “He exhibits moral courage and is respectfully esteemed by his peers. He is a young man of many talents.”

Elias plays the cello in the strings program at GCMS. He comes from a family of two siblings and two dogs. Elias likes burritos. He also enjoys “Star Wars” movies, and he likes to read.

Elias’ advice to others is, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Abby is the daughter of Mike and Taryn Estenson.

Her teachers said that Abby is a student who is much appreciated for her positive attitude and consistent work ethic. 

“She demonstrates a strong sense of personal responsibility and takes a no-nonsense approach to meeting all her obligations as a student,” they said. “In addition to being reliable and hardworking, she brings her unequaled enthusiasm to the classroom in a way that benefits other students and makes her teachers feel rewarded for what they do. She is a constant example of positive leadership.” 

Abby loves to sing and dance. Her favorite class is English. She likes making horror movies with her friends.

Abby has lots of friends. Her favorite place to be is outdoors in the forest, and her favorite place to eat is Pasta Jay’s.

Abby’s advice to others is, “As long as you always work hard, you will always find a path to success.”