Blanding, Utah, is home to amazing landscapes, vistas, scenic wilderness and remnants of ancient inhabitants.

People lucky enough to live here or visit our area can attest to the world-class outdoor recreation available in close proximity to our community. Many residents choose to live in Blanding because of the beauty, solitude and recreational opportunities that our public lands offer.

These lands remain in pristine condition and continue to amaze residents and visitors alike because of the efforts of professional land managers, local residents and responsible visitors who work hard to make sure this area remains accessible and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

There are many ways to manage public lands, and there are often disagreements on the size, scope and nature of proposed management tools. While we may have disagreed regarding the announcement of the Bears Ears National Monument, we can all agree that it is here to stay and we are excited to host you whether you are exploring our area for the first time, or are a longtime visitor to southeastern Utah.

When you visit, you will find world-class hiking, biking and camping on public lands that are not yet crowded and restrictive. You will actually find the solitude you crave. You will find warm, friendly, inviting people, and tourism facilities ready to accommodate you.

Welcome to Bears Ears. You’re invited.