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Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Teresa Tavares and eighth-grader Conor Duniway.

Teresa is the daughter of Marco Tavares and Miriam Suarez.

Her teachers said they chose her as Student of the Month for December because she is an “exceptional student with many fine qualities.”

“She is highly organized, very respectful and takes her school assignments seriously,” her teachers said. “One of her most outstanding traits is kindness. She has been assisting a student with language challenges, during every class, with great generosity. Despite the demands of her own classwork, Teresa spends time guiding and interpreting as needed and makes sure the lessons are understood. Teresa exemplifies the values of scholarship, citizenship, and benevolence.”

Teresa’s favorite class is English, her favorite food is pizza and her favorite place that she’s visited is Disneyland.

“I love volleyball and listening to music,” she said. “I would like to go to Hawaii someday.”

Teresa’s advice to others is, “Don’t care about what others say, just be yourself!”

Conor is the son of Michael Duniway and Jessica O’Leary.

Conor’s teachers said they chose him as Student of the Month for December because he does many things well.

“Conor leads by example,” they said. “Other students can learn from him by watching how he goes about his business. He accomplishes all work assigned, in a thorough and meaningful way. Class participation is also consistently terrific. Conor demonstrates proper manners and is conscientious in all matters.”

His teachers also described Conor as articulate and hardworking.

“He is also very responsible when it comes to catching up on work that was missed due to illness, and he is not afraid to ask his teachers for ways in which his work can be improved,” they said. “This young man is just a great person to have around.”

Conor’s favorite place that he’s been to is Italy. He also has relatives from Ireland.

“I like playing video games, skiing and reading,” he said. “My favorite book is the ‘Five Kingdom’ series. I also play percussion in the band.”

Conor’s advice to others is, “When you miss school, email teachers so you can do work when you are home sick.”