Grand County Middle School student Aly Bertoch (left) is pictured with Paige Shumway, Lexi Carroll, Brighton Torgerson, Joel Redd, Jacob Knight, Zane Maher-Young and Daytona Stewart. The middle school and its honor society raised ,492.70 this year for the Utah Foster Care Foundation [Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School students chucked their change this year, giving $1,492.70 to the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

The foundation’s Joel Redd accepted a check for the full amount on Friday, Dec. 15, from middle school students and honor society members.

Chuck-Your-Change is an annual fundraiser that the Grand County Middle School Honor Society sponsors to benefit the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

School officials said that Aly Bertoch, Zane Maher-Young and Chelsea Goudswaard were among the students who went above and beyond expectations by going out into the community and gathering donations from businesses and residents. The Honor Society itself donated $200 from its fundraising efforts this year.

Advisory classes compete to raise the most money. The highest-earning seventh- and eighth-grade Advisory wins a pizza lunch, provided by the Utah Foster Care Foundation.

This year, Mr. Erik Secrist’s eighth-grade advisory and Mrs. Dina Lance’s seventh-grade advisory received a free lunch of salad, pizza, pop, oranges and brownies. Mrs. Kristina Martin’s seventh-grade advisory was so close behind that her class was awarded doughnuts and apple juice.

Moab Family Medicine, Moab Regional Hospital Surgical Services, Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center, Turner Lumber, Tumbleweed and SOS Job Services were among some of the businesses, employees and customers who contributed to the fundraising drive.