Dear Editor:

You can’t have it both ways: stretch the inherent limits of the earth while professing to protect it too. Moreover, in a society built on fairness, you can’t tell one industry it must keep fossil fuels in the ground and then turn around and use the fuel above ground to drive another industry; that is known as unrepentant hypocrisy.

Why, if so sustainable, has no one within the mighty tourism caucus revealed the amount of carbon being unleashed into the atmosphere by millions of restless, industrialized sightseers compelled to roam and consume? Perhaps because it would disrupt the age-old proclivity to annex every square inch of the planet for either profit or possession? In which case, the bromide of eco-friendly sustainability is mere doublespeak for protecting the hidden, crinkled purse.

In light of this, I find it alarming to hear wilderness is now on the brink of becoming part and parcel to the pecuniary paradigm of survival through growth, when the whole notion of wilderness is an ecosystem that still belongs entirely to the earth.

To anyone who insists the sustainable eco-tourism oxymoron will greatly benefit the planet, I say to you, it will only hasten relegating what remains of these ecologically intact, wide open spaces to a housebroken mockery of the wild – if not the entire biosphere to a fate more ominous.