Dear Editor:

Many of us work directly or indirectly in Moab’s tourist economy, but at the end of the day, our homes and neighborhoods are our refuge to escape the growing chaos from the influx of tourists. But this seems to be for sale.

Many county residents have been attending planning commission and county council meetings and hearings regarding the issue of new B&B businesses. It is clear from the discussions that there are plenty of places in the county that are already zoned for nightly rentals, which are appropriate for new B&Bs. Similarly, there should be some areas for residents that are protected from commercial nightly rentals – especially rural residential neighborhoods – where we purchased or built homes and expected to live without the prospect of a business popping up next door, across the street or in our neighborhood.

We have heard “there are numerous benefits” to having B&Bs, but I have heard only two – a business opportunity for the owner and more tax income for the county. We have seen no benefits to those who live in the neighborhood, but rather the impacts from our experience living near them: increased traffic, noise and loss of truly “residential” character. And this is not the case of one “bad apple,” as some would like to imply.

Many county residents have expressed passionate concerns and frustrations that their neighborhoods and quality of life are being seriously impacted by tourist accommodations. No one has said they want a new B&B business as a neighbor in their rural residential zone, unless they are a potential owner.

There are already 29 B&Bs in county residential neighborhoods. Where is our protection as taxpaying citizens? The City of Moab has already protected neighborhoods and it works. The rancor this issue is already causing should speak for not adding more.