Dear Editor:

Thank you, Moab City Planning Department, for answering the question “Is Camping Allowed in City Limits,” and clarifying what the city code defines as camping: to establish, for human habitation or temporary lodging, any tent, lean-to, tepee, yurt, hut, tarp, sleeping bag, blanket, vehicle, trailer or camper. What wasn’t explained is what is the penalty for a camping infraction – a fine? If so, how much? Jail time? So, the city’s definition means that kids can’t break away from their electronic umbilical cords to sleep outdoors under the stars now and then, or the camping police will arrest them. It also neglects to say that we can’t sleep outdoors on a futon, or lounge chair, as long as we don’t use a blanket. A coat is OK. Are there particular hours that this law is enforced? As for my visitors or those who arrive in town late or are just passing through in their RV or van, I suggest to them that they simply park behind a commercial tractor-trailer on the edge of the highway, especially one that runs refrigeration all night.