Grand County High School Debate Team Captain Phillip Geiser (left), with Grace Osusky and Caylee Stroder. The school’s debate team swept the top four spots in Lincoln-Douglas debate. [Photo courtesy of Grace Osusky]

At its second tournament of the season, the Grand County High School Debate Team swept the top four spots in Lincoln-Douglas debate, a debate on values and morals.

Captain Grace Osusky took first in Lincoln-Douglas, and also placed first in foreign extemporaneous speaking during the Central Utah Circuit Debate at Emery High School.

Senior Caylee Stroder took second in Lincoln-Douglas, and Osusky and Stroder were tied with three wins and zero losses – a tie that was broken only by speaker points. Third place was claimed by Captain Phillip Geiser. Geiser also placed first in SpAr, also known as Spontaneous Argumentation. Captain Aidan Guzman-Newton placed fourth in LD and sixth in SpAr.

Freshman Diego Winn took fourth in impromptu speaking, while freshman Rowan Murdock placed sixth in impromptu. Sophomores Miranda Corbin and Dylan Shocknmyer placed first in public forum, while sophomores Akira Scovill and Aria Hunt placed fifth in the same category.

Junior Kai Wainer placed second in SpAr. Sophomore Emma Millis placed third in Congress, with Winn placing sixth, and Murdock placing seventh.

The team will be hosting the Red Rock Classic in Moab on Friday, Dec. 15, and Saturday, Dec. 16.

Community members are invited to come judge at the tournament; no experience is necessary. If you are interested in serving as a judge, contact coach Carrie Strecker at