BASE jumpers are returning to Moab this month, and organizers of the Turkey Boogie 2017 will be holding a raffle fundraiser for Grand County Search and Rescue and other entities on Wednesday, Nov. 22. [Photo courtesy of Negative4 Productions]

For the fifth year in a row, BASE jumpers are organizing events next week to raise money for Grand County Search and Rescue.

The Turkey Boogie 2017 fundraiser will include a raffle the night before Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at Gravel Pit Lanes, 1078 S. Mill Creek Drive. Raffle tickets are $10 each.

Previously, every penny raised during Turkey Boogie events was given to Search and Rescue. This year, at the request of Search and Rescue, organizers plan to donate to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and local national parks, while offering financial support to a Moab resident.

“Moab has been amazing to BASE (and) it is up to us to return that favor,” organizer Matt Lajeunesse said in a post on the Turkey Boogie 2017 Facebook page at:

In the past four years, organizers have raised $38,000, and this year, Lajeunesse said they are hoping to reach the $50,000 milestone. The money raised is made possible by nearly every BASE manufacturer, community sponsors, volunteers and the support of the BASE community, he said in a Facebook post.

The majority of the money raised has come from selling raffle tickets. While the raffle is geared more toward BASE jumpers, Lajeunesse said that all are welcome.

Raffle prizes have included brand new wingsuits and containers; massive discounts on containers, canopies and wingsuits; free body armor; pilot chutes; cameras; helmets; clothing; tracksuits; and other items.

“The prizes have been pretty outrageous the past few years and that is largely because just about every BASE manufacturer has been incredibly generous,” Lajeunesse said. “The success of this event is almost entirely because of their support.”

In addition to the raffle, BASE jumpers will be descending on the Moab area next week, but Lajeunesse told the Moab Sun News that there are no organized jumping events this year.

Lajeunesse advised anyone who is thinking about jumping to remember that Moab area is still a technical BASE environment.

“Please do not be fooled into thinking otherwise. Be certain you are ready for slider-off cliffs with massive boulder fields prior to deciding to come or jump here … We are trying to raise money at this event, but do not want to encourage people to jump outside their comforts or skill sets. Do not underestimate how gnarly jumps are in this area or quickly things can get very technical.”

BASE jumping raffle fundraiser comes to Gravel Pit Lanes on Nov. 22

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