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Grand County Middle School has chosen eighth-grader Tenney Cook and seventh-grader Lily Scott as its November Students of the Month with the character trait of trustworthiness.

Tenney is the daughter of Derek and Shelley Cook.

Her teachers said that she is a person with a very positive and upbeat personality whose enthusiastic attitude brightens up the room when she walks in.

“She has a way of making others feel comfortable by showing consideration and kindness to those around her,” her teachers said. “But not only is she fun to be around; she is also a reliable person who can be counted on to meet her obligations and live up to her responsibilities as a student. She takes her education seriously and always works hard in class. Her friends and teachers respect her for the fine example that she sets through her own actions.”

Tenney likes SpongeBob, taquitos, llamas and elephants. She also likes volleyball, exploring the creek and hanging out with friends.

Her advice to others is, “Have positive thoughts and you’ll be successful.”

Lily is the daughter of Warren and Lisa Scott.

Her teachers said that Lily is a “lovely example” of a student who displays the character trait of trustworthiness.

As observed by her teachers, Lily is never seen talking negatively or down to anyone.

“She is patient, kind and listens to other students if they seek her out for help,” her teachers said. “She is often seen complimenting her classmates, staying after school to complete her work, and holding the door for others. She is a breath of fresh air to have in class and always comes in ready to work. It was an easy choice to select Lily as student of the month.”

Lily loves going to Roswell and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to be with family. She loves her grandma’s biscuits and gravy. She loves to cook and bake and then eat with her friends and family. Lily’s favorite TV show is “Bewitched.” She loves her dog and cat and her “crazy” aunts, though she really looks up to her aunts.

Lily’s advice to others is, “Treat others as you want to be treated. I don’t see a lot of that now, and I really hope I see a change.”