[Photo courtesy of Karisa Larsen]

Moab Charter School’s School-wide Student of the Month is fifth-grader Brynlei Mays.

Brynlei is the daughter of Moab resident Jachelle Mays and Darren Mays of Rangely, Colorado.

Mr. Chris Gallis, her fifth-grade teacher, said that Brynlei has demonstrated a sincere enthusiasm for learning and actively participates in class discussions.

“She is the first to open her book for whatever subject we are transitioning to and stays focused while others get distracted and disruptive,” he said. “She is a pleasure to have in class and (has a) bubbly personality, great sense of humor (and a) focus and desire to learn, which also shows in her high scores on her math work and spelling tests.”

She also helps others when she finishes her work without being asked, he said.

“Another nice thing she does is that she raises her hand and never speaks until she is called upon,” Gallis said. “She is super respectful! I think she epitomizes the type of character and behavior that Moab Charter School would like to see in all of (its) students.”

Brynlei’s favorite subject is PE because she likes to be outside, and to be energetic. Her hobbies include dance and gymnastics.

Brynlei said she loves the fact that Moab Charter School is not a “ginormous” school, and that everyone there is so nice.