Dear Editor:

Complaining about our government is a cherished American tradition, stretching back to before the founding of our nation. Our local city government is no exception – it has certainly received its share of criticism over the past few years.

But to put complaints into perspective, it’s also good to point out when things are going right. I see the Moab City government improving in numerous ways. Case in point: the City of Moab’s Facebook page ( On this page you can find not only the usual public notices of meetings and agendas, but also live video of city council meetings and numerous other updates on what’s happening in our community. I also like the open door of our new City Manager David Everitt. Several times, while paying our water bill, I’ve walked across the hall and gone right into his office to tell him what’s on my mind regarding city issues. David listens and makes things happen.

Local government works best when citizens are involved. City hall is going the extra mile to make information publicly available, and that is a good thing. It’s up to us to make use of this information and become more active in city government.