The BLM has a limitation on the amount of bike trails in the Regional Management Plan (RMP) for the Moab area. The BLM is ignoring this limitation of 150 miles of trails by stating the limitation was the goal and not a maximum number of miles. The limitation is given below.

RMP Page TRV-17:

Design and implement up to 150 new miles of managed mechanized (mountain bike) trails. In addition, convert existing inventoried routes not designated for motorized travel to nonmotorized use, where appropriate, and install appropriate support facilities such as trailheads and route signage.

The 150 miles of trails have probably been built. The BLM needs to prepare an amendment to its RMP to develop the Mud Springs area. This would require public hearings and public participation. Management without public hearings does not protect the public resource. Email the BLM and ask for an amendment to the RMP before development of the Mud Springs Recreation Area.