The seventh annual Moab Pride Festival will be hosting nearly 50 artists and entertainers during this year’s celebration. Performers from all over Utah and beyond will share their unique styles of music, poetry, burlesque and drag artistry during the Sept. 28-30 event, with shows for participants of all ages.

Performances include the all-female alternative folk-rock trio Lost By Reason and the dynamic queer performance art of the Forbidden Fruits, both based in Salt Lake City. The lineup also includes Early Successional, a Salt Lake City folk and “Queericana” group. Hillary McDaniel is their percussionist.

“So often in American roots music, you don’t hear queer voices,” McDaniel said. “Folk music follows a tradition of storytelling and queer stories need to be heard … One of the best ways we can protect queer people is by celebrating their stories rather than simply tolerating them.”

While most performances will take place at the Swanny City Park and are open to all, DJ Aimee Lewis will perform at a teens-only dance party on Saturday, Sept. 30, at 6 p.m. at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center, 111 E. 100 North.

Adult-specific events like the Diamond Lockettes Burlesque Review will take place at the HeliPad and Woody’s Tavern on Friday, Sept. 29. The Diamond Lockettes emphasize body positivity and sexual expression and are the first burlesque performers to visit a Moab Pride Festival.

The emphasis of Pride this year is creating safe spaces in Moab for LGBTQIA+ and QT youth and adults. Moab Pride organizers plan to continue youth-centered programming beyond the festival and throughout the school year.

“Moab Pride reminds us that diversity is our strength. Each human life has equal value and all deserve an opportunity to contribute to our community in a productive manner,” said Marcy Till, one of the event’s volunteer organizers.

A full schedule of festival entertainment can be found at