Moab Music Festival Coordinator Erin Groves (left) posed with upright bass player Miles Maloney; tuba player Ryder Murdock; MMF board member Andrea Ward; violinist Natalie Haase; and MMF co-founder Michael Barrett on Monday, Sept. 4, as the festival announced its student scholarship awards during the Rocky Mountain Power Family Concert at Old City Park. Auburn Jackman (piano/flute) and Ariann Child (violin) are not pictured. [Photo by Richard Bowditch]

Five local students have won the Moab Music Festival’s first-ever Music Student Scholarship Awards, the festival announced during its Rocky Mountain Power Family Concert on Labor Day at Old City Park.

Recipients Miles Maloney, Ryder Murdock, Natalie Haase, Auburn Jackman and Ariann Child were chosen from 17 local applicants in second through 12th grades to receive $300 each to assist with private music lessons or music camps during the 2017-18 school year.

The festival’s board of directors said that each applicant was a strong and dedicated local music student, which made the selection process very challenging.

Students have one year to use the funds for lessons or music camp, and must submit a report about their experiences at the end of their year of lessons. Students who did not receive funding were each given an instrument tuner as a gift of appreciation for applying, and to encourage them to continue their pursuit of music.

Funding for the awards came from donors and supporters of the Moab Music Festival. Donors also funded a $1,000 college scholarship, which was awarded to local high school graduate Alan Snow, who is now in his freshman year at Snow College pursuing a career in music.

To help these scholarships continue, potential donors can call the Moab Music Festival Box Office at 435-259-7003, or email