Dear Moab Residents:

Moab People Mover needs your input.

Thanks to a connection by Elaine Gizler meeting Jerry Dolejs, founder and owner of US Bus Utah, at the Governors Conference in Salt Lake City in early August, a hop-on, hop-off shuttle bus will be coming to Moab to serve both locals and tourists in October.

Moab City and Grand County departments are working closely with US Bus Utah to establish necessary steps to make this a reality for our Moab community.

In an attempt to help meet your needs for reliable transportation, this letter to editor will help to assess what Moab needs.

Will you please reflect on your transportation needs and costs, then take a few minutes to provide your valuable feedback for gathering a comprehensive needs assessment?

Every person’s input will be considered. Think about safety first, cost savings on gas, roads, vehicles, ease of travel, solving scheduling issues, environmental considerations, future growth in Moab.

1. What hours would you or your guests or family use a shuttle?

2. Where would you want it to stop?

3. How often would you like to have it available? Days? Hour of day/evening?

4. Other comments/considerations?

I appreciate your feedback; send it to my email at:

A new Facebook page was registered for all Moab citizens to voice their opinions and needs:

Thanks for taking time to share your needs, input and concerns.