The candidate assembly for those seeking to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, as well as the town hall meeting with our State Senator David Hinkins and Representative Carl Albrecht, recently took place as scheduled. The audience attendees got to see and hear the candidates and legislators and ask all of them questions.

There were two goals for the candidate assembly. The first was to give voters the opportunity to evaluate every candidate and their qualifications for office. The second goal was to establish a relationship with the candidates and hopefully enhance representation of our community when a winner is determined.

Our state legislators did not hesitate to attend the town hall and expressed their desire to hear more from the citizens and receive additional input when they have to make decisions in the Senate and House. They are both willing to attend future town halls and suggested they occur at the start of each legislative session.

The video recordings of the candidate assembly and town hall are available at the Grand County Public Library. They can also be viewed on YouTube by searching “Moab Candidate Assembly” or “Sees Moab,” or by using these links: Part 1:, and Part 2: The Town Hall can be found using the search term of “Moab Town Hall” or “Sees Moab,” or by these links: Part 1:, and Part 2:

The candidates and legislators undoubtedly have positive impressions of the citizens of Moab and Grand County who attended these meetings. We hope this will carry forward in the future and promote more active engagement and participation with these elected officials for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you for participating and representing our community well.