[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month are seventh-grader Natalie Haase and eighth-grader Lainey Bohannon.

Natalie is the daughter of Steve Haase and Fione Raison.

Her teachers said that since the very first day of school, Natalie has shown enthusiasm, a “super-positive” attitude and a phenomenal work ethic.

“Not only is Natalie motivated to learn and do her best, she also strives to be helpful (to both teachers and her peers) and includes everyone,” they said. “Natalie is friendly, considerate, and works with everyone!”

Natalie said that she loves to travel; her favorite national park is Yellowstone. She also loves to play center defense in soccer.

“I love all my classes and how each teacher has their own style of teaching,” she said.

One of her favorite books is a biography of JFK. She aspires to be a neurosurgeon.

Natalie’s advice to others is, “Learn from your mistakes and I quote, ‘try, try, again.’”

Lainey is the daughter of Blake and Jessica Bohannon.

Her teachers said that she is a person who has already made a great impression on them.

“Lainey is friendly, mature, responsible and helpful, and these traits were noticeable from day one,” they said. “(We) appreciate her bright, cheerful attitude which makes the classroom a better place for everyone. Lainey’s willingness to help out is another quality that makes her a great citizen.”

Lainey said that she loves to be outdoors, especially in the mountains, camping with her family. She also loves to play volleyball and is a very active person.

“I love to come to school and learn,” she said.

Lainey’s advice to other students is, “Always be kind, helpful, caring, and never a bully! And, if you see bullying, tell an adult.”