A candidate assembly will be held on Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, at 7 p.m. at Star Hall, 159 E. Center St. Candidates for the U.S. Congressional District 3 seat recently vacated by Jason Chaffetz will attend. All of the seven current candidates are enthusiastic about coming to Moab. The candidates will address previously submitted questions as well as questions from the audience. These candidates represent a wide variety of political views, from the major parties (Republican and Democratic) to several smaller parties (Libertarian, Independent American and United Utah), as well as an unaffiliated and a write-in candidate.

Moab and Grand County represent a very small fraction of the population in this Congressional District 3, so it is an honor to have them all come here to speak and try to get our votes. Leaving a good impression and “bonding” with them can only help when the winner of the group takes the seat to represent us in Congress.

There has been a great deal of partisan activity and rhetoric in our country in recent times. This negative activity does not have to continue in Moab. Many people in Utah and elsewhere will be watching this assembly. This is an excellent opportunity for Moab to “rise above” the hostility, lack of civility and poor behavior seen elsewhere. We hopefully will all have the best attitude during this event: listening, respecting and accepting the opinions expressed by the various candidates, and encouraging the free exchange of information and opinions. If we disagree with a candidate, we can simply vote for another and need not outwardly criticize or demean them otherwise. We hold the power to make an impact without venom or anger.

Citizens of Moab, please do not miss this opportunity. Please come to the event if you can and participate in a pleasant and tolerant manner. It is our opportunity to show the outside world and these candidates that we are a great community. Thereafter we can appropriately expect and even demand that our newly elected representative considers our needs and aspirations in his or her representation of us in the federal government.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this assembly. Thank you for helping make Moab and Grand County “shine” and continue to be a place to be proud of by all of us.