Employees from The Synergy Company’s three office buildings generated donations of food and household items that were delivered to the Family Support Center and Grand County Food Bank. [Photo by Joshua Snow / Courtesy of The Synergy Company]

A spirited competition between The Synergy Company’s three office buildings generated donations of more than 1,754 pounds of goods, and on Tuesday, Aug. 8, its employees delivered food and household essentials to the Family Support Center and Grand County Food Bank.

Employees donated canned and dried foods, as well as diapers, tooth paste, toilet paper and many other items. The company itself provided an additional donation of Synergy vitamins totaling nearly $1,200. Packard Wholesale, one of Synergy’s suppliers, also joined the effort by donating bulk quantities of window cleaner and toilet paper.

“The Synergy Company is proud to support our community – a community that gives so much to us,” said Brenda Najera, a member of Synergy’s Community Outreach Committee. “We are thrilled with the spirit of our employees to come together to make this happen.”

The Synergy Company launched the initiative to bring awareness to the needs within the community.

This year, the Family Support Center has been investing in updating its facilities to support local children. While additional money, including a grant from The Synergy Company, has helped, the Family Support Center continues to have ongoing needs for food, clothes, diapers and other basic items. For the Grand County Food Bank, the summer months are a quiet time when it comes to much-needed donations. The Synergy Company officials said they saw this as the perfect opportunity to fill the food bank’s shelves at an important time of year.

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, The Synergy Company has grown to become one of the most highly regarded brands of certified organic supplements in the international marketplace.

Synergy manufactures all of its products near Moab at its facility south of town on Resource Boulevard.

The Grand County Food Bank is located at 56 N. 200 East and provides food to families and individuals who qualify for donations based upon their income. Individuals are welcome to stop by the food bank on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon to gather more information or provide donations.

The Family Support Center’s mission is to protect children, strengthen families and create a caring community. The organization works to reduce and prevent the incidence of child abuse in Grand and San Juan counties by providing a 24-hour crisis respite nursery.