Rani and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of the fine people in our community who aided in the rescue from our plane crash Thursday night. From the nice woman who answered my several 911 calls to the entire crew from the Grand County Sheriff Department, Search and Rescue, Canyonlands field airport, EMTs, ambulance, and the ER and entire staff at our hospital. My apologies if I’ve missed anybody else who contributed to the effort. And a second thanks to the same ambulance crew that moved me to Grand Junction for further work later that night. I hope we didn’t make any of your evenings too long, but we are sure glad you are all there and ready to roll. You are tax money well spent as you do these things on a regular basis. Many thanks, in general, and for your professionalism, kindness and compassion, and for seeing that the third member of party, our dog, got taken home as well.

Our injuries are on the mild side when considering what one thinks of in an airplane crash (or even an auto accident for that matter). We are at home, moving around (although not fast) and we will heal and recover. Many thanks also to all that have wished us well and offered help and food and favors.

On the crash itself, the details released by the sheriff’s department are basically correct. It appears many news outlets around the state used that information. I could elaborate a lot more on the finer details of how wind-shear and small aircraft mix (or not), but I won’t. The only details I saw that I’d like to clear up are that 1) Rani and I are married and have been for more than 10 years and hope to stay that way forever and ever; and 2) this was our own flight in our own airplane and we were heading up north to visit my parents for the weekend.

Lastly, I feel terrible that the day of our accident was the same day I announced I’d give any kid in Grand or San Juan county an airplane ride if they wanted one. That is still my goal although it will be delayed somewhat with healing, aircraft insurance, et cetera. Many apologies to those who were looking to take me up on it. Stay tuned.

Thank you all again.