Elie Zane

“I’m all for it. Living here and being a small business owner, I welcome business in the wintertime. I think it will be beneficial, especially running events like marathons. Events that bring athletic individuals are great for my business.”

Breann Davis, Moab

“I think it’s a good thing. The winter months are big for unemployment, and it would be better and easier for people to afford housing if they were employed consistently over the winter months.”

Gregorio Hernandez, Moab

“I want to come back in the winter, and part of why is because I’d enjoy being here when it’s not crowded. But I understand that tourism is an industry that supports the economy here.”

Elie Zane, San Antonio

“The Moab Area Travel Council is making efforts to increase tourism in Moab during winter months. What effect do you think that will have?”