Missy Maynard

“They’re having problems with rural administration. Those people will be affected more than in the cities if this current plan goes into effect. They should do it on all three levels. I wish I had a ‘no’ vote, just to say no to the plan they’re deciding now.”

David Largo, Moab

“I think that we’re going to have to get used to solving a lot of our problems locally. However, health care requires a huge investment in infrastructure, so we’re going to need some help, though I’m not expecting much help from the insurance companies.”

Ed Oak, Moab

“Get it out of the federal government’s hands. I just had a lien put on my house for a $6,000 medical bill. It’s one of the reasons I had to sell my house. I was a nurse for 15 years, and I think we all should have health care. Subsidize the working poor.”

Missy Maynard, Moab

“Do you think that health care should be administered at a state or even a city level?”