Jeff Flanders was one enormously special human being, with a huge heart, love for all and a brilliant way of working with people. He quietly did great things that many people did not know about.

For example: Sometime around 2013, Jeff started a group called The Moab G.A.S. Company. G.A.S. stood for Give a S@!t, and Jeff did. He got some of his friends together and asked them to donate money that would be pooled and then given to a local cause. He then brought the donors together with the chosen cause so that the group would have a deeper understanding of how their money was working to make the community a better place to live, love and work.

Jeff twice honored Moab Solutions by making us the recipient of G.A.S. Company donations, and each time we were deeply honored and very grateful for the funds.

Jeff and I had a special song we liked to listen to the few times I was on the air with him. I suspect he had special songs with everybody he loved; he was that kind of man. Our song was “Friends,” by Elton John. Something about it brought back the times when it was written. The music, mood and words moved us both.

I still have a text from Jeff on my phone and I can’t stand the idea of deleting it, so it will live on there, for now.

Peace to Jeff on his journey and to all who loved him too.