I have been watching and listening to the back and forth regarding the Transient Room Tax (TRT).

I don’t have a dog in this fight any longer. When I did, things here were much different! The town was failing and families were finding it difficult to stay here!

Now we have a vibrant economy and families are finding it difficult to find affordable housing. The pendulum doesn’t stop.

Perhaps the TRT should just be abolished! The travel industry is able to take care of itself obviously.

The business community always wants government out of their way.

So let’s get out if the way! Get rid of the Travel Council and TRT.

Let the affected parties have the option of charging the additional money that they would pay in TRT and use it for a private fund and private organization to promote their business.

The business community is forever saying government regulation, waste and abuse is hurting its bottom line.

The smaller government experiment would be interesting.

We could stop fighting over a tax that nobody really seems to like anyway.