Dee Davis

“I think it’s crucial, especially in resort communities. We should not have a different minimum wage for servers. We should have a $15 minimum, including for the service industry. It would increase the cost to eat out, but that’s a long-overdue necessity.”

Gustav Ryerson, Moab

“I think it would be good for Moab. It’s a tourist town with a high cost of living and raising the minimum wage would support the workers, which helps drive the economy. If you don’t have workers it’s going to be difficult to diversify and expand the economy.”

Rick Vojta, Bayfield, Colorado

“I don’t think it would make a difference, because there’s a lot of people around here that don’t want to work. We don’t have affordable housing, and raising the minimum wage would only raise the rent. I think people would raise the price of whatever they’re selling. When I started working in the motels in the 1980s, rooms were only a $20 a night; now, they’re hundreds of dollars.”

Dee Davis, Moab

“How do you think that raising the minimum wage would affect Moab?”