[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s May 2017 Students of the Month with the character trait of empathy are seventh-grader Dorian Gonzalez and eighth-grader Mona Taylor.

Dorian is the daughter of Jaime and Nadia Gonzalez.

Dorian’s teachers said she is an empathetic and sensitive soul, and a person who has made a conscious effort to extend her friendship throughout the school.

“She is a meticulous worker and applies herself to her class work with great attention to detail and great diligence in perfecting her assignments,” they said. “She has overcome language and cultural challenges and through her efforts has become a valued member of our school community.”

Dorian loves pizza and hiking. She likes to go to Moonflower Canyon and Ken’s Lake.

Her favorite class is science; her favorite color is purple; and her favorite book is “Life as We Knew It.”

Dorian has four siblings.

Her advice is, “Be kind to others and stay positive.”

Mona is the daughter of Helene Boyer and Drake Taylor.

Mona’s teachers said she is a curious and terrific student who is funny and well spoken.

“She is greatly appreciated by her teachers,” they said. “What stands out the most about Mona is the empathy she demonstrates on a daily basis. She has the ability to see the world through the eyes of other people. She is frequently seen helping other students by helping them understand what should be done. She is not asked to do this, but she helps voluntarily whenever she is needed.”

Mona has many interests. She loves to draw, paint, read and create pottery. She also love sports and Italy.

Mona’s advice is, “Be yourself, for everyone else is taken,” by Dr. Seuss.