Grand County Middle School Honor Society students gathered for the 2017-2018 induction ceremony on April 24. Top row, left to right: Theo Lawson, Jacob Knight, Everett Hunsaker, Camron Stotz, Brittany Lloyd, Zoe Campbell, Katie Lundy, Alyssa Jones, Madi Munger, Layla Hill and Brianna Whitney. Second row, standing: Mckenna Thornburg, Nova Hill, Maggie Rutherford, Lainey Bohannon, Lexi Carroll, Paige Shumway, Tanyon Griffith, Alexis Horton, Kierra Chiles, Brighton Torgerson, Ebony Contreras, Grace Macaro and Brayden Larsen. Kneeling: Jenna Bertuzzi, Ianna Hansen, Hallie Packard, Aly Bertoch, Abby Estenson, Tenney Cook, Zane Maher-Young, Chelsea Goudswaard, Conor Duniway, Tanner Crane, Ryder Murdock and Luke Shafer. Front row, seated: Chance Arbon, Alexa Stripeika, Molly Knowles, Ariann Child, Brendan Moore, Lydia Taylor and Sam Kesavadhana. Kelsey Gritts is not pictured. [Image courtesy of Alina Murdock]

The Grand County Middle School Honor Society for 2017-2018 held its induction ceremony on April 24, celebrating the achievements of students who were nominated by their teachers, had a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, had “honors” and “satisfactory” in citizenship grades, had no officer referrals and few, if any, tardies.

These students, in front of their parents, advisers and peers, repeated the oath of the GCMS Honor Society under the direction of this year’s president, Rowan Murdock. They will be responsible next year for many school and community efforts in service and charity fundraising.

One of their prime responsibilities is to set an example for all GCMS students in showing respect to all people, at all times and in all places.