Michelle Weis

“I think it’s a good idea. The monuments are so restricted as far as travel. Half the time you can only ride horses in or walk. How many people have access to horses? Some people are unable to get in there on their own. Sometimes, the monuments are too restricted as far as access.”

Candi Niesen, Spanish Valley

“I have mixed feelings about it. I would be in favor of a designation for Bears Ears. However, I just got back from an eight-day backpacking trip in Cedar Mesa, and we did a through hike, so we got a shuttle to take us to our start. The shuttle driver was a local kid, 22 years old, who hunts and goes fishing, and biking and hiking and all of it. He said no one there really wants the monument because it will draw too much attention, and the economic benefit to the community isn’t worth all the extra visitors. I understand that side of it, too.”

Mark Zoellner, Salt Lake City

“The monuments are a good idea to protect the lands, because right now, there isn’t a lot of protection.”

Michelle Weis, Salt Lake City

“President Trump has ordered the Department of the Interior to review all designations of national monuments greater than 100,000 acres created since 1996. What do you think about this?”