Michelle Griffith

“Of course we don’t ‘need’ it. If our education was better, or if big business’ personal responsibility was greater, then we wouldn’t need government to intervene.”

Marty Lewis, Salt Lake City

“Yes. Because pollution travels. State and industry collusion forces a necessity for federal oversight. When big business controls regulation on a state level, small communities get left behind. Just look at the (Moab uranium) tailings pile.”

Jonathan Olschewski, Moab

“I think people underestimate how much coal actually does affect both the atmosphere and the water quality. The EPA has done a lot to protect clean water in this country, and even still there’s places in the U.S. where people can’t drink out of their tap. I don’t think people take the EPA and its regulations seriously until they turn on their tap water and it’s brown like Flint, Michigan.”

Michelle Griffith, Moab

“Do you think we need the EPA?”