[Courtesy photo]

Moab Charter School’s Student of the Month is Celia Bierschied.

She is a student in Stacia Dickson’s fifth-grade class. Her parents are Josey Loveridge and Quincy Bierschied.

Celia said she likes the charter school because it’s like a family.

“There is no bullying, and we all get along,” she said. “It’s very comforting.”

Her favorite subject is science.

“I like to do experiments and try new things, and it’s just fun,” she said.

Dickson said that Celia was chosen as the Student of the Month because she tries her best on each assignment, encourages other students to try their best and is a genuine friend to everyone in the room.

“At recess, I notice the younger kids admire and learn from her,” she said. “Celia goes above and beyond to help make our class and school a positive place to learn. Also, she can track where I place everything … which is really helpful. She knows my organizational ways more than I do. I appreciate her kindness, her effort and her positive attitude.”