[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Student of the Month of March with the character trait of honesty and integrity are seventh-grader Everett Hunsaker and eighth-grader Maara Holyoak.

Everett is the son of Brent and Kari Hunsaker.

Teachers at GCMS said that Everett is a student who is a good example of integrity and honesty.

“Honesty is sometimes called ‘the champion of characters,’” they said. “It requires courage, respect, responsibility and good judgment. Everett accepts responsibility for mistakes he makes, and then learns from them. His ‘yes’ means yes, and his ‘no’ means no – no matter what.”

If he makes a commitment, they said, he sticks with it.

“He tells the truth and has a strong sense of self,” they said. “He doesn’t gossip, and he shows a strong moral belief system. He lends a helping hand and is always ready to get the job done.”

Everett said he is a great baseball player and has many friends. He has lived in Australia, and he says that his “scientifical” name is Richard. Everett is a hard worker and his favorite class is PE.

Everett’s advice to others is, “Be positive.”

Maara is the daughter of Ryan and Monica Holyoak.

Her teachers say that her personal traits really make her stand out from the crowd.

In her English class, she makes an excellent contribution to class discussions by really thinking about the topics at hand, school officials said.

“She has a very strong sense of personal responsibility and has a helpful nature,” they said. “Although she is a very accomplished student, she is always modest and thoughtful of others.”

Her science teacher says that she reliably produces top-quality work because she always puts in her best effort.

Her other teachers report that she participates actively in all class activities.

“Maara’s positive attitude and upbeat mood make her a pleasure to have in class,” they said. “The staff and students appreciate her contribution to making the middle school a better place for other students.”

Maara loves to go to the mountains to snowmobile, off-road and hunt. She plays the ukulele and the guitar. She enjoys playing tennis and while at Lake Powell, loves to kneeboard and wakeboard. A favorite pastime is lying in her hammock.

Maara’s advice to others is, “Have a positive attitude with whatever challenge life/school gives you.”