Ron Ahrens

“It’s internal hacking versus external hacking. Nixon was a paranoid individual and you can see that through his involvement with J. Edgar Hoover. I don’t know if it’s worse. It just depends on how much Trump tried to get outside influence on the election. It’s the same crime with different players. Nixon was paranoia; Trump is ego.”

Caleb Hart, Ogden

“No. I have faith in our president and his abilities to work diplomatically with other countries without endangering U.S. citizens. The people that elected him should have faith in him.”

Teresa Clarkson, Moab

“Three percent. That’s the amount of people that opposed the king’s tyranny during the Revolutionary War. Now there won’t be that many that oppose the psychopaths that control your federal government.”

Ron Ahrens, Paradox, Colorado

Senator John McCain has said he worries about President Trump’s ties with Russia, and others have made comparisons to Watergate. What do you think?