Dear Editor,

Last semester, I visited your little oasis you call home. Your town’s local charm, active citizens and forward-thinking leaders show Utah how to live.

This was not my first time coming to Moab either; the community’s reputation made my parents visit here over 20 years ago.

During my stay, I was among a group of students to meet with the mayor and some council members about climate protection in Moab. I was in awe for most of the discussion. It was inspiring to hear what your town has done and hopes to do in the future!

I have personally been involved in working with multiple cities in Utah to adopt environmental protection resolutions, but Moab has surpassed them in ambition and practice. This being said, Moab has the unique position to lead the state of Utah in how a community addresses and adapts to environmental challenges posed by changes to our natural surroundings.

I applaud any and all efforts made by members of your council, townfolk and business leaders to advance protecting and preserving the scenic beauty of your land. I hope to bring my child to the wild places surrounding Moab and the inclusive atmosphere interwoven into the community.