Dear Editor,

I join many area residents and businesses in applauding our city council for passing a resolution establishing renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for Moab.

As the resolution states, we must phase out the use of fossil fuels if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Renewable energy technology is now far enough along that it can build a 100 percent sustainable and efficient energy system in Moab that is physically possible, socially necessary, economically affordable and environmentally inevitable. All that is needed to implement a change to more responsible energy generation is public and political will, both of which Moab has had since it became the nation’s “First EPA Green Power Community” back in 2004.

In America, the shift to 100 percent clean energy has not relied upon federal action. It’s happening because cities like Moab are banding together with places like Park City and Salt Lake City to come up with solutions reflective of the values that are included in the newly adopted resolution. Values like a livable environment, abundant natural amenities, economic stability and economic justice.

A multitude of places have already started exchanging fossil fuels for 100 percent clean and renewable energy. If Rifle, Colorado, in the heart of western Colorado’s boom and bust oil and gas fields, can transition to net zero energy consumption because of its solar generating capacity, then so can Moab.

Thankfully, the resolution makes it clear that Moab is willing to commit substantial staff resources and money toward achieving a more sustainable energy future for our community. Our new president may be a denier of the science behind climate change, but we who live in Moab know better. We are grateful that by transitioning to 100 percent clean and renewable energy, our community is not only protecting the health and well-being of its residents, but also ensuring that a livable environment will be part of its future.