[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Ivory Hickman and Jack Charlton are Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month for February with the character trait of fairness.

Ivory, a seventh-grade student at the middle school, is the daughter of Daniel Hickman.

Her favorite book is “Life as We Knew It.” She loves to write, read and cook.

Ivory’s favorite place is the sand dunes. Her favorite song is “Coming Down,” and her favorite class is science.

Ivory’s teachers said they chose her as their candidate for fairness because she always exhibits an unbiased attitude when she interacts with others.

“She listens impartially when talking with her peers and hears both sides of the story before forming her opinions,” they said. “She is willing to take turns when playing games or intermingling in groups. She follows school and district rules and avoids situations where dishonest activities may be taking place. She treats everyone the way she likes to be treated, and that is why we decided that Ivory is a great nominee for one who is fair.”

Ivory’s advice is, “Do your best and stay on task. Be responsible.”

Jack, an eighth-grade student at the middle school, is the son of Marie Charlton.

Jack loves ducks. He enjoys helping others. Jack thinks that drawing is the best and he also likes biking and learning, especially about dinosaurs.

Jack’s teachers said that he has been a hardworking student and a great citizen this year.

They said they appreciate his focus, his maturity and his sense of humor. They have noticed that Jack always takes responsibility for himself and his actions.

“He is always respectful of others and he treats his fellow students with kindness and understanding,” they said. “He is the kind of student that others can look up to.”

Jack’s advice to students is, “Never give up! If you fail the first time, try and try again!”