I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, I love you, Thank you. Ho’oponpono! I watched Eve Ensler perform “The Vagina Monologues” as a bitter old Jewish woman, an Afghanistan Muslim woman and a disgruntled African-American woman in Atlanta, Georgia, to a two-thirds Afro-American audience and they rocked her with “Yo! Tell it, Mama!” Eve was a courageous source of inspiration for me. Whoopi Goldberg performed Off-Broadway in her one-woman show as multiple characters: a compassionate junkie, an enlightened cripple, a Jamaican housekeeper and a dizzy white L.A. Valley Girl giving herself an abortion with a coat hanger. The spirit of the Heyoka is undaunted by the whims of social acceptability. That is their contribution. Yo Mama presented herself to me as African in origin, perhaps the soul of humanity originated in Africa, so say the tracks of our DNA. She addresses us as one species, “Humans!” born from Deep Dark Humus. She does not recognize or distinguish us as separate cultures. In her view, we are all one heart, one spirit, one Humanity. In reference to the term “Shamanic Performance,” I consider Yo Mama a Spiritual Improvaho who came to me asking for support. She is not a made-up character; she is an energetic planetary force of intelligent, ruthless compassion. For me, she is a Shamanic experience. And after all, are we all not descendants of ancestors that practiced some form of Shamanism? I have been told by a Native American friend that the root word of Shaman means … Mama. I am deeply grateful Yo Mama has persisted to shake me awake to the Power of Unconditional LOVE and the extraordinary generosity of our devoted volunteer crew that has made it possible to bring Yo Mama’s inspired Cosmic Clues to the stage. If money were the motive, I would have stayed in Hollywood! “YO MAMA ~ UN-CANNED” final appearance will be this weekend, Feb. 2, 3 and 4. Your presence will be most welcome!