[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month for January 2017 with the character trait of tolerance are seventh-grader Lily McClish and eighth-grader Neelie Relph. They were chosen based on the examples they showed during the month of December 2016.

Neelie is the daughter of Josh and Annie Relph. Her teachers say that she has demonstrated tolerance in many ways.

“She is always willing to accept and befriend people with different opinions or customs than she has,” they said. “She works well with all people and she can be counted on to give 100 percent effort, along with a positive attitude in all that she does. Neelie’s teachers appreciate her for tolerating us: we are glad that she is one of our students.”

Neelie loves sports. Her favorite season is summer and her favorite place to be is at the beach and ocean. Her favorite animals are mini pigs and orca. Neelie’s favorite books are the “Divergent” series and her favorite class is Mr. Secrist’s English class.

Neelie’s advice to other students is, “It’s better not to procrastinate and wait to get stuff done. It makes it a lot easier to fall behind. So, stay organized, and get your work done on time!”

Lily is the daughter of Tye and Molly McClish. Her teachers say that in class, Lily is always willing to work with anyone.

“She is someone that can be counted on to help other students or teachers,” they said. “The best part is that she always has a positive attitude about doing this! Lily’s patience, willingness to help and her understanding toward everyone (make) her a perfect choice.”

Lily loves to write and draw. Her favorite class is English. Her favorite book is “Son of No One.” Her favorite band is the Hollywood Undead. Lily is working on learning Persian.

Lily’s advice to students is, “Be attentive in class. Don’t miss school. Get missing assignments done and turned in.”