Deanne Atwood

“I’ve lived here almost 30 years. It’s too expensive. You don’t ever have any alone time with your family, because you have to work two jobs just to live here. They can’t build low-income housing because there’s no return on the property. You can build all the hotels you want, but if you don’t have anyone to work in them, it doesn’t make sense.”

Dawson Moddrelle, Moab

“There’s definitely a housing crisis. Real estate is like gold in this town. (Local business owners) have tried to put in hundreds of units of affordable housing, but the city won’t give up the permits to let them have the property to do it. The codes are ridiculous, such as having a 4-foot-wide sidewalk, a 32-foot-wide street, which is the size of the lots.”

Shad Swink, Moab

“I’ve lived here 50 years. I don’t think housing is the issue – I think affordable housing is the issue. It’s to a point where husband and wife both work and you have to work three jobs per household just to make a living. A house when I was a kid that we thought was expensive at $15,000 is now $300,000.”

Deanne Atwood, Moab

“Do you think there is a housing crisis in Moab?”