Greg Francis

“People are taking over and destroying the land, so it’s important to protect and preserve what we have left, especially with the (incoming) Trump government allowing big corporate interests to take control of the land outside the monuments.”

Charles Mercier, Moab

“I think that preservation of the area is a good idea, but I think the locals should have more input as to how it is managed.”

Gary Howe, Moab

“Coming from a part of the country where there is not a lot of public land, I love public land, and I think it’s an important part of our national character, where any man or woman can stand in a field, a mountaintop, or on a cliff, and remember why we love this place and why we all have a vested interest in it.”

Greg Francis, Moab

“What do you think about President Barack Obama’s decision to declare a Bears Ears National Monument in San Juan County?”