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Michael Brown is Helen M. Knight Elementary’s Student of the Month.

Michael is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Konnie Pacheco’s class. His parents are Andrew and Melissa Brown.

Pacheco said that Michael is a great student to have in class.

“He is genuinely concerned about the quality of your day and how it’s going,” Pacheco said. “It is important to Michael that things are going well with you and that you know you are cared about.

For example, Michael saw his little sister’s backpack on the fourth- through sixth-grade side of the lunch room when students were lining up to get their trays, and he asked if he could take her backpack to her on the second-grade side.

“So with permission, Michael took the backpack to his sister, greeted her and gave the bag kindly to her,” Pacheco said. “Next, he opened up her milk carton, bent over and gave her a gentle and reassuring hug around the shoulders, then gave her a sweet little kiss on top of her head. Wow! How would it be to have a big brother look out for you like that?”

Pacheco said that Michael also impresses her with his politeness, willingness and thoughtful ways toward others in the classroom.

“He is consistently asking if there is anything he can help me with or others throughout the day,” she said. “Michael has one of the best attitudes about learning that I have seen at school. He is eager to learn, enjoys his classwork, and if he gets something wrong, he wants to know where he made his mistake so he can improve the next time. Michael is a wonderful example of what a ‘servant’s heart’ looks like. It is his very nature.”