[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month with the character trait of kindness are seventh-grader Hallie Packard and eighth-grader Eli Taylor.

Hallie is the daughter of Travis and Janae Packard.

“Hallie is the very definition of kindness,” school officials said. “She is friendly, generous, and considerate. She always comes to class with a smile and a warm, positive attitude. Whenever someone needs anything, Hallie is there to help and asks for nothing in return. She is patient, understanding and cares about everyone around her. This is what makes her the perfect choice for student of the month.”

Hallie loves to eat at Zax, and she loves all things about Harry Potter.

She has been to Mexico and would love to go back. Hallie has broken her arms three times.

She loves to dance and act in dance productions and she loves to hang out with friends and go to the movies.

Hallie’s advice is, “Start projects early and do your best.”

Eli is the son of Drake and Helene Taylor.

“Eli is an outstanding student who is always prepared,” school officials said. “Eli accepts challenging topics with a positive attitude and encourages his peers to do their best. He contributes well in class and asks appropriate questions. Eli is very respectful toward his teachers and classmates. He exhibits the character trait of kindness in everything that he says and does with and to others. He has proven to be a good role model at the middle school and someone who can be counted on to accomplish difficult tasks.”

Eli likes soccer, biking, skiing and camping, and Yellowstone National Park is his favorite place.

Eli also speaks French, having spent all of last year in France.

Eli’s advice is, “Try your hardest and you will succeed.”