[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

Grand County Middle School’s Students of the Month with the Character Trait of Trustworthiness are seventh-grader Ariann Child and eight-grader Shaycee Renn.

School officials say that Ariann is honest and reliable, and is always dependable and prepared.

“Ariann will quietly offer to help others, and you know that she is not off task, but sincerely working with others who need it,” they said. “She can be depended upon to prepare for absences in advance and will make every effort to complete the tasks in a timely manner. If we need someone to leave the classroom for us, we know that we can depend on Ariann to handle the situation.”

Ariann’s favorite book is “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins.

She is athletic and likes to play outdoors, as well as soccer and climbing.

Ariann is musical, and plays the violin in a quartet. She said she loves Australia.

Ariann’s advice to others is, “Never get too stressed about certain things, but definitely try your hardest. Also, set goals.”

School officials say that Shaycee is a student who makes a real impression on those who meet her.

“She is a reliable person, and her friends and teachers can always count on her to be helpful, friendly, honest, responsible and hardworking,” they said. “In addition, her cheerful attitude and willingness to help others make her a valuable contributor to the overall positive environment of the middle school. Shaycee is a person who leads by example, and she is a great example.”

Shaycee likes playing soccer and golf. She loves to sing and listen to music.

Shaycee is creative and enjoys doing her best in everything she does. She loves being with her family and friends and is the sixth generation of her family to live in Moab.

Shaycee’s advice to others is, “”Push yourself. Do your best in everything because learning is a gift. Education is a powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”